Confined Space Entry Training

OSHA Permit Required Confined Space Training

During this 8-hour program, participants learn the proper procedures for entering a Permit-Required Confined Space. Each participant will be able to function in Confined Space Operations as an Entrant, Attendant, or Entry Supervisor. This Confined Space Training course combines classroom instruction and practical application in actual Permit Spaces using the appropriate personal protective equipment, air monitors, and ventilation.

Mobile Training Simulator

HazMat Solutions emphasizes safety and non-entry rescue. A mobile Confined Space Simulator is available for onsite training. During Confined Space Training, each participant conducts vertical and horizontal entries using a tripod and various types of retrieval systems. Basic mechanical rope rigging systems will also be designed for entries where tripods are not an option. All instructions given to your personnel adhere to current OSHA regulatory compliance.

Who Needs This Training?

Per OSHA Regulations
29 CFR 1910.146

Permit Required Confined Space Entry training is for any employee that is expected to enter or function as an Attendant or Supervisor for an entry into a Permit Required Confined Space.

Class Topics

  • An understanding of Confined Space Entry, Attendant, Supervisor roles and responsibilities
  • An understanding of Confined Space Entry roles and responsibilities
  • An understanding of Confined Space Equipment, including: Harnesses, Tripods, Winches, Davit Arms, Rigging Equipment, Ropes, Webbing, Carabiners, Pulleys, Prusiks, Anchor Bolts, Beam Clamps, Fall Arrest and Systems
  • An understanding of Hazard Identification.
    An understanding of ventilation and air monitoring
  • An understanding of Lock Out/Tag Out, as well as blanking and blinding
  • An understanding of how to preform basic rigging
  • An understanding of the use and maintenance of personal protective equipment, including chemical suits, gloves, boots, harnesses, life lines and fall protection

Service Area for Mobile Confined Space Simulator

Due to travel consideration, we service an approximately 200 radius including all of Michigan and parts of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin with our mobile Confined Space Simulator trailer. Please contact us to discuss if your location is within our service area.

Please note, Confined Space Training can be conducted anywhere on your site anywhere in the U.S. This service radius is ONLY for our mobile simulation training trailer.

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